A message from your pals at Games on Tape

As we unwind in our fifth year of doing this thing we find ourselves reflecting on what we could do.  We want to be the best version of ourselves for you, the fans.  In order to do this we would like to upgrade some of our equipment to make content creation just a little bit easier.

Rather than run a Kickstarter or a Patreon that would require us to put up a paywall we want to keep doing what we do for the same price we always charge, Nothing.  So we are leaving it up to you, the fans, to decide whether or not we should upgrade our equipment.  If you think our hard work and dedication to the industry and community is worth building upon then please donate to our GoFundMe project.  If you think we’ve done all we can then please, enjoy your holiday and enjoy the content we still wish to give you.


If you can’t donate please share the link to get the word out to those that might be able to.

Thank you so much to all of those that cheer us on and stand by us.  You are the real MVPs.


TL;DR: Exclusives suck so we want to upgrade our equipment only if you want us to.

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