Games on Tape is a board game development company that does non-profit work in association with the North East Nerd Night organization. We strive to provide honest observations and feedback regarding the board game industry without taking ourselves too seriously, publishing reviews, articles, YouTube content, and podcasts on a weekly basis.



Tim Mattes: Creative Director

Tim has helped to create many things, including Games on Tape, the Poog Swoodoosh dialect, and various entities known as his children. In the coming years, he hopes to discover a piece of technology more revolutionary than his ice maker. He enjoys short walks to the fridge, spreading meme-based propaganda, and subjecting his friends to whatever twisted flavors the cola companies come up with next.






Jeff Gum: Game Designer

Jeff’s artistic merits have both astounded many an observer and gotten him kicked out of a variety of family-friendly establishments. The MoMA might describe his style as “baroque avant-garde caricatures aimed to both titillate and confuse.” His ideal evening involves a cacophony of Crash Bandicoot, anime, and dropping his hammer repeatedly.






Luke Muench: Producer

Luke specializes in scratching archaic symbols onto sheets of paper and computer screens in hopes that someone might translate them into coherent and meaningful thoughts. His hobbies include consuming eggs, disliking everything, and telling horrendously bad puns that regularly get him kicked out of the weekly Games on Tape meetings. He hopes to one day find a film that he considers “enjoyable” and “worth watching again.”

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