Alien Labyrinth: The Mad Dash to Make Movement Impossible


Alien Labyrinth from Foam Brain games puts 2-4 players in an alien spaceship attempting to trade their way to a ticket on the escape pod.  Using a series of square tiles to make the board ala Forbidden Island, players expose rooms and gather items to trade for credits or cards, once a player gets ten credits they can make a run for the escape pod.  Any players left behind become twisted experiments for their alien overlords.



Alien Labyrinth is a simple move and discover/ move and trade game that offers light strategy in a fun theme.  There are creative ways to mess with the other players but overall the depth of the game is move and get money then escape.  There isn’t much crunch to the game at all.  That does not immediately make it a bad game it just defines it’s audience.  My daughters love the game and want to play it constantly, my gaming group groans if I say that we are playing it first for the night but is ok with it if it is played between some bigger heavier games.  It is a nice pallet cleanser after a rough brain burner.  The rules are simple enough and the iconography makes understanding trades very easy.  Board layout and the Item deck offer a decent variance for replay ability but again it’s not deep enough for me to want multiple plays in an evening.  I enjoy the Item cards ability to either help you or hurt other players but I wish that there were either more of them or strictly interrupt cards with no item value at all on them to persuade players to use them.  Most of our games the Item cards with abilities don’t get used for their abilities.  The game lasts about twenty minutes and there are moments that shine through as you play where someone has an incredible turn or makes it impossible for someone to complete their turn the way that they wanted to.  I feel this game will do very well with families that have little gamers or the more casual gamer groups.


Final thoughts: Alien Labyrinth is a must have if you have little ones that you are trying to get into gaming or if you want a fun way to get your family of non-gamers into gaming with an easy to learn game that provides a nice entry into the genre.  Alien Labyrinth is a nice compliment to tabletop gaming without overthinking itself or overreaching it’s goal.  At $25 for the Kickstarter edition of the game you can’t go wrong.  So long as the game is something you would be interested in.  I personally will be getting a final copy for my daughters.


Final Score 7/10

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