Episode One Hundred and Thirty-Five: The Kunk



Cross-Over spectacularness as the boys from Things you probably don’t care about join us at the table along with Amanda to play Superfight! Laughs were had. Special thanks to My brother Stephen and Amanda for our theme song!

Episode Ten: Outdoor Adventures


Editor’s Note: We all know who was driving the car.

Today’s Episode finds Garrett playing host in his backyard, joined by Zack, Kris, Nikki, and Dan. The gang discusses a variety of topics from minigames to Game of Thrones theories, and I can’t rightly recall what else right now! Have fun listening!

Episode Five: Ring Ba Bing Bing Bong


Round 2. FIGHT!! The crew picks up right where they left off in last week’s episode. Starting with Sailor Moon fandom and all of its intricacies, then the ship sails into treacherous waters with high school friends and stories. Get ready for the chaotic ending of Goo Jun pew pew lazors!!

Episode Two: Gundam Discussions Go!!!



Gunpla Battle, Set! Ready! GO!! Join Herb along with guests Tyrone and Joe as they discuss Gundam and everything that else that crops up in their heads. The first couple episodes of Gundam Build Fighter are being viewed while Gundam is dissected. Gundam Pope pops up along with rule 34, albeit completely unrelated. Take a trip to your cildhood with Yoohoo and some highschool drama. There was some Smash Bros played afterwards, but that footage was destroyed by the time space vortex created due to all the tangents.

Episode Zero: What’s in a Name?

In this innaugural episode Garret and Herb dive into the deep end of the pool with the help of Tim from Sorry Man, I Farted. They cast off on a discussion that starts with action movies and ends with video games old and new. Find out what the guys really think about the GTA series as well as Garretts limited knowledge of comic books.