Episode Ten: Outdoor Adventures


Editor’s Note: We all know who was driving the car.

Today’s Episode finds Garrett playing host in his backyard, joined by Zack, Kris, Nikki, and Dan. The gang discusses a variety of topics from minigames to Game of Thrones theories, and I can’t rightly recall what else right now! Have fun listening!

Episode Eight: Fire Emblem Me Up, Baby



Join Herb and Tyrone as they talk about Herb’s inability to grasp the tactical RPG gaming scene. Herb’s brain just melts when Fire Emble,m is thrown in the mix but this episode is a critical hit as far as our serious topics go. The topics range from gaming to the ideas of war and its effects on people. Bad JRPGs to stay away from and some pw, Gundam comes back in the mix. Whether Marth is your man, Ike is alright or Roy is your boy, you’re sure to enjoy this episode!