Episode Ninety-Six: He Just Wants to Enjoy His Coffee

Bigfoot Cover


What is better than a relaxing stroll through the wilderness? Catching Bigfoot and becoming the greatest Cryptozoologist of all time. Thus proving to your parents that you aren’t mentally deranged and rubbing it in the face of all of the so-called “Scientists” that claim he doesn’t exist. We set out to do just that when we play Bigfoot from Game Salute Games. Designed by Scott Almes of the Tiny Epic Series of games bigfoot is a two player card game of chosing paths. Assymetric game play makes for interesting decisions on both sides. What tricks is the Cryptozoologist willing to give to Bigfoot to find his secret lair? What information is Bigfoot willing to give up in order to get a Trick for the next round that will hopefully keep him hidden?

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