Games on Tape Episode!

We are still working out the issues with our FTP server, however, we are all itching to show you the new stuff we are doing so enjoy this link to another website to hear our podcast that is only available here! and there.

In this episode we get to know our new co-hosts.  We talk about what we have learned. We start a contest.  And finally, we interview James Ernest of Cheapass Games.  Check out Button Men in it’s final few hours here!

This one is dedicated to Jake Cleveland:

Games on Tape Vol.2: Yo

In this the very newest episode of Games on Tape we are joined by new recruit Luke and the Chief Strategist to King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG) himself, Chris O’Neill.  We discuss Bearicades, Music, Comics, and Harvey Firestein.

To learn more about Bearicades check out the kickstarter page at

The music in this episode is used courtesy of Knichael Might and his album HYPERSPACE.  Find more about Knichael Might and Buy his music at

Games on Tape Vol. 1 – Sharknado

HERE IT IS!!!!! The first episode of Games on Tape!  and we have a SCOOP!!!


Anthony and Eric from Devious devices sit in and talk shop on all things ‘Nado

We talk about the future

and then we tell Doug to suck it!


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