Episode One Hundred and Thirty-Six: Scarlet Witch is Watching



Tim and Matt sit down to talk about the Marvel universe and why Matt doesn’t care for it. They also play a round of Tim’s new jam Dicemasters from WizKids. Find out if Matt likes the Uncanny Xmen set or if Tim is doomed to be alone with his bag o dice.

Episode One Hundred and Thirty-Five: The Kunk



Cross-Over spectacularness as the boys from Things you probably don’t care about join us at the table along with Amanda to play Superfight! Laughs were had. Special thanks to My brother Stephen and Amanda for our theme song!

Episode One Hundred and Thirty-Four: TablePunk


Resource management and a weird worker placement mechanic? Empire Engine from AEG is right in Tim’s wheel house, and Jeff hates it. Will this mini game be as engoyable as Tim will inevitably hype it to be?


Live Store Episode Thirty-Eight: The Squire of Gothos



Jeff and Tim plow on with the demos at the Portal with Castle Panic.  Jeff’s first go at this co-operative tower defense game was good and there is a rule variant that allows for the game to be played like Swarm!

Episode One Hundred and Thirty-Three: The Samir Effect



World travelers love to tell stories of their exploits. Antoine Bauza has provided the agoraphobic with a way to have their own tale of world travels. We sit down and play Tokaido from Funforge publishing. Tim plays his own game again and Matt explains why Tokaido is better than Takenoko and how it became his favorite game of all time.

Episode One Hundred and Thirty-One: Chicken People



Backers of The Majority Complete Edition had the opportunity to pick up designer Muneyuki Yokouchi’s newest game Triks and Deserts. We take this trick taking game for a spin and realize that Jeff is the only one at the table that understands it.

Episode Ten: Outdoor Adventures


Editor’s Note: We all know who was driving the car.

Today’s Episode finds Garrett playing host in his backyard, joined by Zack, Kris, Nikki, and Dan. The gang discusses a variety of topics from minigames to Game of Thrones theories, and I can’t rightly recall what else right now! Have fun listening!