Episode One Hundred and Thirty: Monty



So many good things leave us before their time is up and Firefly was no different. The Kurt Cobain of TV shows, Firefly has spawned numerous games, books, comics and even a movie. We play what is arguably the best Firefly tabletop game. Gale Force Nines’ Firefly: The Game. Matt explains why the show is so good and Tim shows us what happens when you tell the universe you can’t take my sky from me.

Episode One Hundred and Twenty-Nine: The Tri-Wizard Tournament



Tim takes Matt, Jarrett, and Jeff through a game of Foe Hunters. This deckbuilder has a lot of interesting mechanics that intrigue Tim and Jeff, Jarrett gets confused and doesn’t know what Harry Potter is.

Note: In the episode Tim says that it doesn’t look like the campaign will be successful,  well he ate those words because the campaign funded three hours before the deadline.  Look forward to a complete review of the final product next year!

Episode One Hundred and Twenty-Six: Flowers for Jarrett



In today’s episode we submerge ourselves in the mindless cacophone that is the back room of the Portal to play Oni.  Jeff and Tim acknowledge the greatest pop song ever and Jarrett delivers his most soul crushing poor play yet.

Episode One Hundred and Twenty Four: Can I Be Eaten? Yes. Am I a Person?



Five Below is a retail store that takes the principle of a dollar store and spikes it with slightly better product. They have a board game section of five dollar games which take a normal game and reskin it to be a non license infringing bootleg. We play Five Below’s version of Headbanz called Guess Again. What is this dollar store rip off like when everyone at the table has played it’s predecessor?