Episode One Hundred and Thirty-Four: TablePunk


Resource management and a weird worker placement mechanic? Empire Engine from AEG is right in Tim’s wheel house, and Jeff hates it. Will this mini game be as engoyable as Tim will inevitably hype it to be?


Live Store Episode Thirty-Eight: The Squire of Gothos



Jeff and Tim plow on with the demos at the Portal with Castle Panic.  Jeff’s first go at this co-operative tower defense game was good and there is a rule variant that allows for the game to be played like Swarm!

Episode One Hundred and Thirty: Monty



So many good things leave us before their time is up and Firefly was no different. The Kurt Cobain of TV shows, Firefly has spawned numerous games, books, comics and even a movie. We play what is arguably the best Firefly tabletop game. Gale Force Nines’ Firefly: The Game. Matt explains why the show is so good and Tim shows us what happens when you tell the universe you can’t take my sky from me.

Episode One Hundred and Twenty-Six: Flowers for Jarrett



In today’s episode we submerge ourselves in the mindless cacophone that is the back room of the Portal to play Oni.  Jeff and Tim acknowledge the greatest pop song ever and Jarrett delivers his most soul crushing poor play yet.

Episode One Hundred and Twelve: Lance Bass



A blast from the past, This was recorded one month into our show starting. Matt, Katie and Tim sit down and play the mind puzzle game Rush Hour. We discuss video games, Pokemon, and what games we are excited to play on the show as well as what games we are dreading. Were our assumptions correct?

Episode One Hundred and Nine: The Hardest Thing About Chance is There is No Way to Control It



We have our favorite sore-loser on the show in today’s episode as we show Grace how to play Sorry. Will Sage finally win one or is Grace going to graciously claim victory?

100th Episode Call In Clipshow

10364175_482455511892991_4119800758988884602_n (1)

We have a super special episode for you today where Tim chats with guests from season one to see where they are at now. We look to the future of the show. And there are a lot of bad games brought up through here.


Episode One Hundred: Hand of the King Sized Dinklage


We made it!!!! We enjoyed hanging with the Crew from Cardboard Fortress that we thought it would be great to have them on for our 100th episode. We show them the greatest worst game ever. American Idol The Card Game. Some people wait a lifetime, for a moment like this.