Episode One Hundred and Seventeen: PENG!



In today’s Kickstarter episode we check out Gamesalute’s The Battle of Red Cliffs. This beautifully illustrated Mah Jong Card game looks like it has everything going for it. It doesn’t. It’s a sad game.

Episode One Hundred and Sixteen: CHOPSTICKS!!!



We sit down to play Sushi Go! With Matt and Jeff. Will Katie still enjoy this drafting game from GameWright games or was the hype from our Cloud City episode poorly placed. Matt also lets us know the proper pronunciation of the word Chopsticks.

Live Store Episode Thirty One: They Say it Gets Colder



Hopefully the last time that you need to hear an episode of Love Letter ever. And we kick it with the winner of our demo copy of Love Letter Ben Green. What will he think of AEG’s super hit?

Episode One Hundred and Eleven: Polaroid Picture of Jeff



Ape games is a Kickstarter darling. Most of their projects get funded and all of them look amazing. Rarrr! Is no different, with it’s stylized character cards, it’s unique drafting and battle mechanics, and it’s comic book inspired art direction Rarrr! immediately grabs your attention when spotted on the shelf. We put it on the table to see if a beautifully constructed exterior directly corelates to a well crafted interior. Does Rarrr! hold up as a game when you pull away the glossy pretty parts?

Episode One Hundred and Ten: We Demand to be Taken Seriously



So there is this card game called Magic: The Gathering and it is supposedly popular amongst the kids these days. We take a look at this Richard Garfield classic from Wizards of the Coast. We also see if this game is worth the hype or if it is just another fad like pogs or Go-Gos Crazy Bones.

Live Store Episode Thirty: It’s A Cool Place



Let’s go to the desert and build a flying ship! We play Gamewright’s Forbidden Desert, a game designed by Matt Leacock. The follow up to Forbidden Island, Forbidden desert finds you in a vast desert looking for pieces of an ancient lost ship. A massive sand storm is swirling around and water is scarce. Find out if we like this as much as we like Forbidden Island.