A message from your pals at Games on Tape

As we unwind in our fifth year of doing this thing we find ourselves reflecting on what we could do.  We want to be the best version of ourselves for you, the fans.  In order to do this we would like to upgrade some of our equipment to make content creation just a little bit easier.

Rather than run a Kickstarter or a Patreon that would require us to put up a paywall we want to keep doing what we do for the same price we always charge, Nothing.  So we are leaving it up to you, the fans, to decide whether or not we should upgrade our equipment.  If you think our hard work and dedication to the industry and community is worth building upon then please donate to our GoFundMe project.  If you think we’ve done all we can then please, enjoy your holiday and enjoy the content we still wish to give you.


If you can’t donate please share the link to get the word out to those that might be able to.

Thank you so much to all of those that cheer us on and stand by us.  You are the real MVPs.


TL;DR: Exclusives suck so we want to upgrade our equipment only if you want us to.

While you were out…

Wow has it been a while,  sorry about that.  But, WE’RE BACK!  and have we got a lot in store for the coming months.  Not only has Jeff made the next Swarm! game available for purchase at the Game Crafter HERE.  But Tim has been a busy little beaver doing his networking and expansion thing.  He has started a tournament series called the Absurdament that is exactly as bad as it sounds.  He also has about a dozen more Humans of Tabletop recordings that are ready for launch.  Couple this with the newly added Games on Tape show that is a stylized and better produced Sorry Man, I Farted and well, Tim doesn’t sleep much.  Anyway, while the kettle is on We figured we would share some Kickstarter goodness with you and help out a few of the friends we have made during our absence.

Up First and ending soon is Bottom of the 9th Clubhouse Expansion:  Tim acquired this game at PAX East this year and won’t shut up about it.  Louder and Mullins expand a heavily thematic filler game with more mechanics and Peanuts!  If you like baseball or absolutely hate the idea of it you will probably enjoy this riveting edge of your seat big things in small packages game.  Click the image for more information on Bottom of the 9th and back it!



Next up we have Super Pocket League Extreme Wrestling from Button Shy Games:  In this pocket game of extreme power moves and heel turns you play an intergalactic wrestler out for glory.  Two players take on each other with bluffing, hand management and an oversized playmat add on that will make onlookers mark out.  You only have a few hours to back this one so get going!  Click the image to back and for more information.



Next I bring you Plot Twist:  Tim met Darrell M. Stark at PAX EAST and found him to be delightful even if he is going to die a gruesome death at the pen of GRRM.  Plot twist is a story telling game for four to six players that has you crowbarring your plot cards into a story generated by a trope card that provides the inspiration for said story.  As play continues the stories become more and more rich and by that I mean more and more ridiculous.  The game is a great Ice breaker for parties and a great way to ignite the imagination of those that find it difficult to tell stories.  If you live in the NYC area you can find Darrell at game meets at various pubs.  If you are not in the NYC area click the image and back this fun time in a box.



And now it is time for the most formal of ferrets.  Friend of the show Gil Hova is expanding Bad Medicine:  Bad Medicine: Second Opinion offers 100+ cards to the base game with a few surprises.  In Bad medicine you are a pharmaceutical company developing a new drug to cure a malady.   The drug you create is pitched to the other players and the side effects of the winner become the new malady.  The game is absolutely insane and is a laugh riot through and through.  The Expansion throws in complications that cause conditions to be added to your drug thus affecting your pitch.  If you feel like having a gas at the state of affairs in our medicare system then back Gil’s effort.  I can assure you it is worth it.  Click the image for more information and back it!



Last but not least in the new game category comes Meeple Maker from Val Teixeira: in Meeple maker you are a CEO of a board game publishing company and you don’t trade in dollars because in this market that is foolish, no, you trade in fans. Where do you rank among the vast populous of board game collectors?   You will need to recruit a team of people that help you create the best product ever. Meet the demands of production and you will gain fans and be able to add to your ever growing staff. A simple yet stylized design carries this game to a near meta status as the people you recruit are actual publishers, designers, and general employees of game publishers.  Now we just need to find out how to get our likenesses in it as a bad review card!  Click the image for more information and to back it.  Val is a great guy and this has been a labour of his for a while now.  Tim is excited to see this one get produced.



And finally in FLGS news Woodbury, NJ is getting an upgrade!  Tiki Tiki Boardgames is Kickstarting their rehab of a new location and while it is in New Jersey it deserves a look.  The store is a buy trade and sell boardgame shop and they are some good people.  We will have our name on a ceiling tile, will you?  Click the image to make this happen.

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